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When thinking of the Bay Area film industry, artistic films don’t always come to mind. We hope to change. A plethora of creative talent was born in the Bay Area and we believe in giving credit where it is due. We represent both up and coming artists, as well as seasoned veterans who call the Bay Area home. We proudly share local talent with the world as we establish the Bay Area as a creative force.


We know first hand how challenging it can be to find filmmakers in your area making the kind of films you’d like to be a part of. We consider ourselves a tool and a shortcut in the networking process. We highly encourage you to reach out to artists we feature on our page, whether it be to hire, collaborate, or shadow.


Our platform is a place for artistic expression. We value the art of filmmaking. While there is nothing wrong with simple point and shoot videos, we are interested in auteur films built on self expression, storytelling, and pushing boundaries. We’re on the lookout for unique and original films. We hope to inspire filmmakers to continue challenging themselves and honing their craft.


As filmmakers, we know just how grueling the process of getting your film seen can be. We want to help. We believe in supporting local artists and building each other up. We are growing a fan base of people who love and appreciate artful films and we couldn’t do it without the help of talented local filmmakers submitting their films.

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