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​Our mission is to showcase the creativity and talent of Bay Area filmmakers, with a focus on artful films.

We do not include a submission fee and we only select films that are free for audiences. Instead of charging a submission fee, we ask that you consider donating to our Venmo @bayareafilmmakers_arthouse. Please note that this will not affect your submission, but it does help us and supports what we do for filmmakers!


Before submitting a film, please review the following requirements for your film to be considered.


YOU MUST OWN THE FULL RIGHTS TO THE FILM. We require films to have all the necessary rights and releases secured for us to feature them. We will share an embedded link to your film (on Vimeo or Youtube) so the traffic goes to your account. We don’t require exclusivity.


If you ever need us to take down your film for any reason, let us know and we'll remove it. Similarly, we do NOT guarantee indefinite placement on our website and may remove the film.


KEEP IN MIND CURATION IS SUBJECTIVE. Having your film declined doesn’t mean it’s a bad film and isn't a reflection of the quality of the film. Check out the films on our Instagram (@bayareafilmmakers_arthouse) or our website for reference. Every film is different and there are always exceptions. In general, though, the following tend to be a good fit for us.



We are looking for: 

  • experimental short films

  • narrative or character-driven short films

  • original music videos

  • artistic dance films

  • unique fashion films

We will not be accepting:

  • point and shoot videos or films that are driven solely by special effects

  • timelapse, travel, vlogs, or recap videos

  • wedding or corporate videos

  • commercials (we accept short film branded content)

  • comedies that rely heavily on punchlines


We’ve created a list of questions to help you evaluate your film’s eligibility.




  • Does my film have a story, overall theme, or mood?

  • Did I include symbolism in my film?

  • Is my film innovative and daring?

  • Does my film have a unique voice or perspective?

  • Is my film thought-provoking and emotion-inducing?

  • Is the acting subtle and convincing or does it remove me from the story?

  • If there is nudity or violence, is it explored artistically or is it just gratuitous?

  • Was thought put into the planning of the shoot?

  • If there are special effects and transitions, do they sincerely serve the story, or are they just a distraction from poor planning?

  • Were the camera movement and shot type motivated by the story?

  • Did I light my film in a meaningful way?

  • Does my film have a world of its own?

  • Did I put thought into my set design, costume, and makeup?



  • Was my film shot in the Bay Area?

  • Was the cast and crew from the Bay Area?


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